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Banoo Matin - Cellular Healing Specialist
Auckland + Northland, New Zealand

Cell Balance’s integrative therapies leverage cutting-edge treatments along with holistic modalities to boost your body's innate self-healing abilities. Advanced therapeutic treatments can rejuvenate cells, while customised natural approaches such as naturopathy and herbal medicine can optimize cellular function.

The Overall Importance of

Cellular Health

"Healthy cells make a healthy body." - Sunita Puri

Maintaining cellular health is vital for overall wellbeing. Healthy cells allow the body to function optimally, as cellular repair and regeneration keeps tissues and organs working properly. Supporting cellular health can help prevent disease, boost immunity, slow aging, and extend lifespan.

Understanding the

Benefits of Cellular Healing

Cellular healing is a field that holds great promise for improving human health and longevity. It refers to therapies that can restore, regenerate, and rejuvenate cells in the body that have been damaged by injury, disease, or aging. Overall, the ability to heal at a cellular level can improve quality of life by restoring bodily function and reducing the effects of aging. As research advances, cellular healing has the potential to transform regenerative medicine and greatly expand treatment options for conditions that currently have no cure.

Reduced Inflammation

Cellular healing can help reduce chronic inflammation in the body which is a contributing factor to many diseases. Things like diet, exercise, stress management and supplements support cellular health and reduce inflammation.

Faster Injury Recovery

When cells are unhealthy, it takes longer to recover from injury or illness. Supporting cellular function can speed up wound healing and tissue repair throughout the body.

Disease Prevention

Keeping cells healthy can prevent many diseases from developing in the first place or stop their progression. Cellular healing supports the body's innate self-repair mechanisms.

Slowed Aging Process

Cellular damage leads to aging on a microscopic level. Cellular healing aims to maintain youthful cells for as long as possible which promotes healthy aging.

Cell Balance:

Transforming Lives Through Natural and Advanced Treatments

At Cell Balance, we believe in the power of nature and innovation to restore and optimize the health of your cells. Our comprehensive approach combines natural treatments and advanced therapies to provide you with the best possible solutions for your well-being.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy utilizes ozone, a reactive form of oxygen, for therapeutic purposes such as disinfecting, improving blood circulation, and activating the immune system

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UVBI Therapy

UVBI therapy utilizes focused ultraviolet blood irradiation to stimulate the immune system and treat infections and diseases

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Prolotherapy / Prolozone

Prolotherapy involves injecting irritant solutions into joints or tendons to stimulate healing and strengthen weakened connective tissue

Learn More

Electrotherapy by SenergyMedical

Electrotherapy uses electrical stimulation to treat conditions and speed recovery by promoting healing, reducing inflammation, and relieving pain.

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Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine harnesses the complex chemistry of plants to treat disease and promote wellbeing in a holistic manner

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Naturopathy utilizes the body's natural healing abilities to restore and maintain health through the use of dietary and lifestyle changes as well as complementary therapies.

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Client Testimonials

Discover how Cell Balance's treatments have helped our clients

"Banoo is a very caring and experienced ozone practitioner who I would not hesitate to recommend"


"My daughter has been seeing Banoo since she was 14 years old. Zoe is now 18 and has had ozone and prolotherapy treatments plus any other suggestions she recommends, on many many injuries over the years....."

Mother of Daughter Zoe

"Six years on since my first Ozone treatment I can categorically say that Ozone and its Associated treatments have definitely prolonged my life and given me a better quality of life.I would highly recommend Ozone and its Associated treatments to Cancer sufferers especially those suffering from blood disorders and Cancers...."

Geneva Murray
70-year-old Cancer Survivor

"I highly recommend Banoo! every treatment I'm left feeling satisfied/positive with the results and I have noticed a huge difference with my overall mental and body health (eg: I'm able to be out and about driving). She is very knowledgeable and I'm very happy with every experience/ treatment I have and always recommend her to people I know!"


"I have personally experienced the benefits of using ozone therapy to treat stubborn viral infections.  I highly recommend Banoo Matin. Banoo is extremely kind and caring. She listens carefully to her clients concerns and tailors her treatment to suit."


"I was recommended to Banoo by my daughter who had a back problem. Banoo is the answer to everyone’s health problems. I had an injury in my rotator cuff and could only move my left arm up to my shoulder and I also years of back pain from polymyalgia and overuse. After my first treatment of Ozone and Prolotherapy, I noticed an improvement when swimming...."


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