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Banoo Matin - Cellular Healing Specialist
Auckland + Northland, New Zealand

Cell Balance was established to approach healthcare in an innovative and patient-centered way. We combine advanced cellular treatments with natural healing modalities to identify and correct imbalances at the cellular level - improving health and protecting the body at all levels, while creating balance in the body and mind.

Our Mission: Empowering Health Through Natural Solutions & Advanced Therapies

At Cell Balance, our mission is to empower individuals to live their healthiest lives through advanced, natural cell health solutions. Founded by a passionate visionary, we are dedicated to optimizing wellness and promoting natural healing for all. We aim to empower individuals to optimize their well-being and live their best lives.


Banoo Matin

Specialist in Herbology, Medical Ozone Therapies, Prolotherapy, and Micro-current and Biofeedback Therapy

Banoo Matin is a naturopath and cellular healing specialist who found her calling in natural medicine after her mother became ill and was treated with traditional medicine, which only seemed to worsen her illness until her eventual recovery using more natural means.

Matin studied at the Wellpark College of Natural Therapies, finding joy in learning about the body's cellular blocks, and became adept in herbal medicine. After meeting mentor Dr.Wayne McCarthy ND in 2015, Matin collaborated with him in ozone therapy and later earned certificates in advanced medical ozone by The Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy, and professional clinical procedures in minor surgeries, joint puncture, and soft tissue injection by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.

Driven by her desire to provide natural healing, Matin discovered electrical medicine in 2020 thanks to the work of Dr. Jerry Tennant, which utilizes instruments that increase cellular voltage, recharge cells, and correct body polarity. With over a decade of experience, formal training, and certificates in multiple healing modalities including herbal medicine, ozone therapy, and electrical medicine, Banoo Matin now provides integrated natural treatments as a Cellular Healing Specialist. Her diverse knowledge transforms lives through a holistic approach that nourishes cells and the body's innate healing abilities.
On A Health Mission

My Story

How I found my path as a naturopath and cellular healing specialist

In 2007, my beloved mother became quite ill. Not knowing of any treatments beyond regular doctors, we went to them first. She was an excellent patient, taking all her medications as prescribed, yet she had more severe side effects. This experience motivated me to search for more natural treatments with lower side effect risks.At first, my knowledge came mainly from internet searches on herbs and natural substances like colloidal silver. But as my thirst for knowledge grew with each new discovery, I realized I needed more formal education beyond internet searches.

My first opportunity for formal training came through a free course offered by a local Maori college. This sparked my passion for learning, and I yearned for more knowledge. That led me to formally study naturopathy at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies in Auckland. Those years of study were some of the happiest in my life, as learning about the fundamental units of the body called cells opened up a fascinating new world. I flourished in this program, especially in the second year which required in-depth cell studies. Writing assignments and studying brought me great joy, and I was deeply grateful for the chance to learn. Growing up, I never dreamed I could be where I am today. Years of prayer, hard work, and hope led me to find my true calling.I was blessed with a baby girl in 2006, giving me even more reason to dig deeper into true health and wellness. In naturopathy school, I became adept in herbal medicine, nature's medicine gifted by God.

In 2015, I had the good fortune to meet my mentor Dr. Wayne McCarthy and have continued collaborating with him since. Through the years working alongside Dr. McCarthy and witnessing the near miracles achieved with ozone therapies, I knew ozone would eventually become a significant part of my natural healing treatments. He encouraged me to pursue formal ozone education. For eight intensive months in 2018, I immersed myself in the medical literature, scientific principles, and practical applications of medical ozone therapies, earning my certification to practice advanced medical ozone in early 2019 from The Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy. Later in 2019, I earned a certificate in professional clinical procedures in Australia, gaining hands-on experience in minor superficial skin surgeries under the guidance of top senior surgeons. That same year, I also completed an advanced workshop in joint and soft tissue injection, both given by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners.In 2020, as I continued researching cell biology, I discovered the field of electromedicine. Some of my work now uses instruments that recharge cells back to healthy, vibrant levels. My practice today weaves together years of hands-on experience, formal training, and a passion for transforming lives for the better.

-Banoo Matin, Specialist in Herbology, Medical Ozone Therapies, Prolotherapy, and Micro-current and Biofeedback Therapy

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